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Nature skating in St.-Petersburg, Russia

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Reports by Year:

May be only few of those who read this page tried to skate in St.-Petersburg from Primorskaya metro station over the Gulf of Finland towards Kronshtadt, or along the Peter's channel at Ladoga lake.

Who once tasted the freedom of nature skating over lakes, faced adventures on the ice, these are flattering while waiting first november ice after night frost to leave for a small, and very serious tour.
Nature Skating


30.03.2014 In Toksovo new ice appeared. Minus during the night. Hope to skate next weekend. (DM)

29.03.2014 Night frost -5C, and with sunrise on the nearest lake. There is still ice, but quite thin - 5-7cm. Ice like sandwich with thin layer of frozen wet above soft porridge below. Frost in the air and I decided to cross the lake. Everywhere water holes covered with thin ice, open water near the shore, fisherman staff is ready. After one hour of skating the crack run forward from the skate, time to jump off the ice. (AM)
Next day there was no ice on the lake.

27.03.2014 Spring, +9C sunny and night frosts. Early morning walk in the park with my dog, and that time with skates in the backpack. (AM)

22.03.2014 "Couple of hours ago came from Baikal. This time it was warm there, anyway the ice was good. Skating was so fast, that a lot of time remains every day. Wake up at 8, start at 10.30 and camp for the night at 3-4p.m. Every day 35-45km with break for lunch. It was possible to make all tour in 3-4days, but back flight was already booked, and nothing to do in Moscow? So we had pleasure of ice and weather. According to GPS we easily kept speed 13-15km/hour. With back wind the speed was only limited by the chance to fall down, once I measured it as 20-22km/hour, and fell down.
There were many cracks with water. At the end of the tour my friend decided to jump over the crack, and the crack occurred wider (it was partly covered with snow), and sledges hooked back. Fell into the water. Shocked the ice with the chest. Rib was broken, but did get out of the water by himself and quite fast. As it was warm (about 0C) there was no problem. Most time was needed to dry the boots." (AO)

24.03.2014 "Week ago returned from Baikal. Everything was excellent! Impressions unbelievable!! Ice of Baikal made us exited. And skating also. Skating over clean ice - great pleasure, we even forgot that we had sacks, because sacks were so easily dragged after. Meanwhile clean ice was not everywhere, sometime we had to go by foot, because of snow and head wind." (EH)

12.03.2014 Night frost6 and ice became hard and smooth. Sunny day, and ice surface starting to be soft. Sun light makes the ice degrade quite rapidly, and this might be very dangerous.

09.03.2014 +4С in the air, no any snow at all, and only ice at Razliv lake. Ice is 15-20cm, and not degraded. Skating over smooth ice is a pleasure. All over the lake the ice is clean and fine despite somewhere it is little rough. Few skaters were skating around. Anyway skaters need to be careful grey ice may suddenly appear as dark grey water. (АМ)

07.03.2014 Skating in the city park, why not!? This is thin ice road. Ice is thick and smooth. Straight ahead or to the left? Going ahead, and hundreds of meters of perfect ice. Skating is easy. Sometime there are trees, cracks, ice consoles, open water. So toy skating, and video sketch. (AM)

02.03.2014 Weekend, at Yastrebinoye lake, that is not far from Priosersk city at Ladoga. Rocks. Ice from above. (V)

01.03.2014 Razliv - 100% ice, all over the lake. Perfect ice at Suzdalskoye lake - this is inside St.Petersburg city area. (AM)

22.02.2014 Finland Ice Marathon 2014 in Kuopio. Wind 8-9m/s and snow shower. Not easy ice, and not easy weather. It was hard to cover 100km distance, and to compare with nature skating this non stop speed skating takes all energy and gives not so much wonder of being with nature. Anyway this was great and very well organized event.

25.01.2014 Meteo forecast, satellite photo and this is a chance to go to Tolboohin Light in the sea. By train to Zelenogorsk, and early morning start onto the sea. Fog and snow, strong wind - land is behind, going with compass. After warm up - short break, looking where we are. Crack. Ice is covered with thin snow. Clean ice in the open sea, perfect ice. Course in the fog was right, and we see the light house, and open water in front. Crossing over thin ice. Tolboohin light. Memory photo. The light house remains behind. Course towards the fortress Obruchev - into the fog. Ruins of the sea fortress. Traditional lunch. Next is the dam, poor if any ice under the bridge. Slowly along the ice path less than 1m width. It's ok, bridge is over. Cracks are covered with wet snow - always mind it. Along frozen crack towards St.Petersburg. Finish at Neva river mouth - 66km tour completed - it was little longer and harder than expected. Video. (AM)

18.01.2014 Satellite data and Weather forecast let us decide to make traditional St.Petersburg-Kronshtadt skating tour. Ice could be very thin yet. As usually, start with the sun rise, -15C. Ice was covered with light snow, skating was easy. First we went towards the light of a new harbor. Warm up break. The ice was somewhere extremely thin - 7-5-3cm. Passing the crack, that is hidden under no ice with snow above. Light near Kronshtadt. Break and Lunch. On the way in the sea skater can see former military constructions, and all of them now are not cared about. At least the Cathedral appeared out of the fog and we step onto the land of Kronshtadt. Back to St.Petersburg by regular buss. (AM)

12.01.2014 Ice at Baikal lake (video by AZh).

04.01.2014 After all investigations of satellite images for lakes around we decided to try the chance at Turkinjarvi, and it was the right choice - this small skating tour was excellent. Turkinjarvi, Finland.

03.01.2014 New Year 2014 green grass and no snow, no ice. Open water on all big lakes. We went to Finland, and the same picture. But there is still ice on small lakes in the wood. Night investigation on small unknown lake - thin ice, and a little nervous while skating alone .

22.12.2013 +5C, after night rain ice is covered with water. Skating at Borisovo lake.

21.12.2013 +3C, still there is ice at Razliv lake: and not so many people on the ice, except few crazy ones. (AM)

15.12.2013 Razliv lake: start not far from Lenin's shalash, then pass towards Black river, along the river, then by North side of the lake to Sestra river,on the ice of Sestra, and finally to the South along Western side of the lake back to starting place. About 2 hours of relaxed skating with more than 20km of perfect ice.

14.12.2013 After all rains and storms perfect ice on Razliv lake. Ice sailing guys. Another side of the lake. Back under the moon light. Ice 5-10cm, fresh and fine - real pleasure to skate.

late 2010 ... early 2013 only in russian.





26.01.2010 Sweden as we are is under the snow this year. Meanwhile there are skating highways for many kilometers on which thousands of skaters are skating every weekend. After XVII Ice Messenger Congress, which took place on January 23-24 at Vasteras, that is about 100km from Stockholm, there was a tour from Kungsangen via Sigtuna to Skokloster: (map). Bridge at Kungsangen, skating road, footpath at Kungsangen and skating highway again, running over the horizon. Crossroads and exit to picnic area. Footpath near Torndal. And highway again, again ...

On the way back took a look at prices for skates in Finland, skates for NNN bindings are for 65 Euros, bindings for 24 Euros, and ice claws are 10 Euros.

On the Conference there was discussed common communication platform for ice messengers www.skridsko.net, (example, report #26400 about tour on 16.01.2010 towards small island near Gavle town, some pictures and excellent film at the end). Also there were discussed security issues of skating, gathering information about incidents on ice, analysis and lessons learned. On parallel sessions there was also exchange with international experience. There were 168 participants from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. Next Conference will take place in Finland in 2012. (AM)

13.01.2010 Yuri Shevchuk from Periaslavl-Zalesskij that is in the heart of Russia shares his positive experience of buying skates from Sweden over internet. Also Yuri reports how he had a bath while skating this winter (reports in russian).

13.01.2010 For the first time during last years St.Petersburg is under 1/2 meter of snow. The only choice is "classic" skiing ("skating" is impossible even on skis :-().

19.12.2009 Tour on the Gulf from Dubki to Repino and back. Very good ice under 1-2cm of powder snow, only few cracks, towards the sea ice is even better, about 15cm. (DD)

19.12.2009 Near Michurinskoye unrealistic ice, zoom in, along the crack, with crystals, at sunset. Miracle. (In the magazine there was an article about skating in Moscow at skating pool with skates for rent at a fairy high price, how much then it must be nature skating! :-) (AM)

17.12.2009 On the Gulf the ice is thick enough, covered with snow, rough ice near the shore, there is twin ice with the about 20cm of air in between. In the sea there is good black ice ideal for skating!! Along the crack, zoomed in ice. (Dima)

16.12.2009 Alexey invited us to skate at Razliv, he came in advance and investigated possible traps - there was one with open water just undeк thin ice covered with snow. Mainly ice was smooth and rather thick about 10cm. We were skating about hour and a half from Time-Out to Lenin's shelter and back with many breaks and with only few pictures. (Anton)

07.11.2009 At night there was snow and got warm. Anyway we decided to skate at Razliv. Very thin ice - only 3-4 cm, it cracks under the skates and you feel how it bend and sing. However we skated 10km! There is wonderful feeling after skating over extra thin ice, especially when you are on the solid ground. (AM)

07.11.2009 So, I came to Razliv with only one intention to skate. There is ise, but so thin. No any fishermen on ice! I'm brave, but not mad. There is ice, even black ice and it is clean and seems 4-5cm thick, and suddenly it cracks and brokes. If somebody wants to have a direct bath there is open water near parking place - with even no preliminary skating.
I think water is still warm, and -15C needed to make more or less safety ice.
Good luck. (DD)

04.11.2009 Thin ice covered Razliv lake all over the surface, keeps man 85kg! Very soon it will be possible to skate all over there! (DD)

04.11.2009 After rains during last weeks light frost touched St.Petersburg, and ice came onto small lakes. Sosnovka Park - 3cm ice makes skating possible, with white cracks running ahead of skates. Thin ice, and small bath added more experience at the very beginning of this winter. Lakes are covered with 1-2cm ice, lake at Ozerki district. (AM)


10.02.2009 Rains washed out the snow, ice over melted snow, hope night frosts will make ice more solid. (DD)

18.01.2009 Warm weather, snow gone - Pravdinskoe lake view to the South, to the North. (AM)

18.01.2009 Very good ice over Vuoksa near Priosersk and towards Belichie. (FE).

17.01.2009 Very good ice on the Gulf of Finland - twice skated from Sestroretsk to Zelenogorsk. Dubki - Kurort, near Repino, till Zelenogorsk - black mirror ice. (DD)

17.01.2009 From Dune to Totleben fortres - miracle ice, blsck and smooth. One of my best skating sessions! (IK)

16.01.2009 Snow on the Gulf gone, ice is clear. (DD)

06.01.2009 St.Petersburg-Kronshtadt traditional tour - about 30km. Wind forecast -8-10m/s, gusts up to 15m/s. From the dam on to the ice. Under snow/ice bridge - water. St.Petersburg is ahead, Kotlin island - to the right. Sudden gust all visible orienteers disappeared - only ice and wind. Island on the horizon. At one moment good ice ended and there was very poor rusty ice ahead that fortunately also ended with again fields of smooth ice and green blue ice. Sun light came, Olgino is far away. Backward is only wind. Short stop and immediately poles are covered with snow. Again wind and ice. After one hour of skating - City Line. And within next half an hour this extreme tour was over at a boat harbour. And this was the first time when no one fisherman was fishing on the Gulf!

05.01.2009 Five skiers of group of ten sank at Onega lake near Petrozavodsk

05.01.2009 Smooth ice at Vuoksa. Short skating at sun set, purple sky.

04.01.2009 Skating tour of the year around Otradnoye lake, start at sun rise. Cape Medny, island Barsukovy. White sun in a desert, cape Suhoi. Crack near cape Borisovskiy, crack near Kosliny island, passing cracks, and again cracks. islands near Tatarskij cape, stones. Finally 51km in 4 hours. -10C in the air and sunny weather all day - nice!

04.01.2009 Sestroretsk - Totleben fortress - smooth ice.

03.01.2009 Krasnoye lake - ice came after New Year holidays black ice covered with thin snow.

03.01.2009 Ice near Dubki (Sestroretsk, gulf of Finland) tried kiting with the kite 1,8m2.

02.01.2009 Frost -15C, lake Michurinskoye cracks, East part of the lake - ideal ice, excellent.

02.01.09 excellent skating near Elagin island! Thick ice even ubder the bridges. (Anton)

01.01.09 Razliv tour - nice skating, ice is good enough. (Anton)

28.12.2008 After soft week and warm weekend on Sunday was frost and skating along cracks, at sunset. Meanwhile most "one week old" ice is covered with tough thin snow, and on many lakes near St.Petersburg still no ice.

20.12.2008 Finally we have ice on Plescheevo lake (Yaroslavskaya oblast) and last two days we are running in our skates. Pure rapture! There, 20 years to live beside the lake and miss such an opportunity. Plescheevo lake (by Yuri Shevchuk)

20.12.2008 Ice came on some lakes to the North of St.Petersburg, only 3-5cm, and this is enough for extreeme skating. Forecast is -15C by the end of the week, and more lakes will be covered with ice.

17.12.2008 Skating winter started at Razliv Lake. Day time ice message by Dmitry Davidov (see pictures: lake, Sestroretsk town, cracks, lake view, ice), and night skating at 9p.m. in the darkness over the lake and back - excellent start!

11.12.2008 This happened at noon on the small lake just in the city St.Petersburg - one man got a bath off thin ice, and died after all - see pictures (www.fontanka.ru).


12.03.2008 Spring ice is not safe. Here is the case study - Now and Here!

Yesterday decided to travel to the fort at the gulf. Chose the bicycle. Good flat ice (very good for skating) with 1/2cm of powder snow - excellent skating along Razliv. Honestly, went along somebody's ski trace, and had a bath on half way to the fort. There was packed ice covered with thin snow. Bicycle gone, and mobile phones also. By chance I got out, crawl out on paunch, droped down again, ice was crumbled... Walking back being wet. On the photo - memory about my bicycle. And the ice 50m before the bath. It was pity that I did not take awls.
Now I'm ok. I bought new bicycle, and now I have to buy phone and photo camera.
Still it is possible to skate now! (Dm.Davidov)

12.03.2008 Get on Razliv. I guess it will be water, trouble, and super ice in fact, of course not very hard, soft a little, but very good one. On the Gulf not so idealistic. Ice started to degrade, many places with soft ice. After short skating looked back. Frost is needed. Well, and Razliv is very good. (Dm.Davidov)

27.02.2008 In the morning (till 8:30) skating on the Gulf near "SPb 300 Year" Park. Ice is mostly smooth, but somewhere there is snow. (Iv.Kotov)

26.02.2008 No idea if there was good skating on the Gulf this season, and now this is the right time.
Small ice hummocks near the shore, then comes the ice with frosen drifts, skating gliding like on bumps. There are few very long cracks, and from the sea side of the cracks there are small streamlets. Near the fort it is fabulous - sometime very smooth and new, black with some green. Decided not to go around the fort, too many hummocks from the side of Kronshtadt. To the fort it was against the wind, and back it was a fly. (Dm.Davidov)

25.02.2008 There is big hummock on the beach on the Gulf at Sestroretsk, and then there is good ice (anyway not too shiny). (Dm.Davidov)

24-25.02.2008 On Sunday, Feb,24 was skating on the Gulf at Solnechnoe - ice was terrific. It was just before snow storm.

On Monday, Feb,25 skated on Razliv between 11 and 12a.m. At 11 water was below skates. By 12 skating was almost in the water. It is known, but anyway, there is big crack across the Razliv lake from Shalash. On Feb,25 there was open water, and to pass it I have to take towards Sestroretsk.(Iv.Kotov)

24.02.2008 For half of a day Razliv was rather attractive - frost -5C locked all this water-snow porridge. It was just 2-3cm thick smooth surface. Ice was quite good till 2p.m., Then came black-white storm. No idea how it is now over there.(Dm.Davidov)

16.02.2008 In the morning start skating on lake Nahimovskoe, there was ice but with many small snow hummocks. We crossed the lake and went back to Sestroretsk. Skating season on Razliv is not closed yet, ice is still very good, powder snow somewhere. Traveled up over Chiornaya river - thin snow covers the ice, the cracks were hidden with snow, the ice thickness we can asses only by sound. Many kiters (also on our skates) near the Shalash - Lenin's place.

15.02.2008 Sestroretsk - after wind and frost ice became as honeycomb, there is smooth ice, there is pimple ice. Very well at Razliv also.

06.02.2008 This was Razliv lake at Saturday 02.02.2008.

02-03.02.2008 XVI International Ice Messenger Conference in Sweden - Bjorn Zettersten gave a brief speech on skating in St.-Petersburg, Russia.

01.02.2008 Ice is waiting for it's admirers. Not bad at Razliv lake, on Sestra river with pimples, in Zelenogorsk - not smooth, sometime irregular, but good enough, if by the wind ...

20.01.2008 Razliv is still alive, this is the confirmation - ice-water racer, known as Pavel, he is struggling with water and wind nature.

20.01.2008 Snow was again washed out with the rain, and skating is possible at Suzdalskoe lake, and in Sestroretsk - fabulous.

15.01.2008 Ice on Sestra river, Ice on the Gulf near Zelenogorsk.

13.01.2008 Warm winds, and ice is covered with thin water.

New Year started with amazing ice and opportunity to skate on Vuoksa lakes and among hundreds of islands near Priosersk.

07.01.2008 Air pressure goes down, and light snow covers the ice. Again and again we have to keep in mind traps on the ice - this time it was only wet shoes. Open water between two lakes even despite of frost during last days. Anyway nature skating - great fun for everybody.

06.01.2008 Ice on Sestra river.

06.01.2008 Onto the ice with the sun rise. -20C in the air. Very new ice. No snow. Around Olenij island. "titanic". Break. Towards Belichij. Short stop. On the way to Priozersk. (more pictures).

05.01.2008 Sunny day, new ice on Vuoksa lake. Path between islands. Not everywhere smooth ice.

02.01.2008 Otradnoe lake - excellent ice, huge skating area for kids. And open water towards the central part of this big lake.

01.01.2008 First day of New Year 2008! Despite very warm unusual weather thick ice over the lake.

09.12.2007 On lake Krasnoe water or ice. Ice or water? Water or ice? It is thin smooth ice! And below live fish.

08.12.2007 Warm and windy on Razliv lake covered with ice, and excellent skating.

01.12.2007 3-5cm of snow over the ice. On lake Krasnoe nice skating along cracks and beside the shore line. On Kavgolovo lakes ice is covered with snow, and Vuoksa lake is open with water.

01.12.2007 Ice covered with 3-5 cm of snow. Excellent skating over Krasnoye lake along ice roads of cracks. Ice on Kavgolovo lakes is covered with snow, on Vuoksa lake ther is no ice, only 1cm.

24-25.11.2007 Warm and frost during a week, and perfect ice on most lakes North to St.Petersburg even at Ozerki (just inside the city). This weekend good skating was at Michurinskoe lake: shore line, ice, time to break, ice edge, something strange, on way back.

17-18.11.2007 This autumn Ice came later. We found small lake covered with ice and snow (most lakes are still open water), and started skating. After first 300 meters ice became 3cm instead of 5cm at the beginning. It was a good reason to turn back. Next day after frosty night (-12C) we returned and had a good skating along the cracks with ice 4-5cm.


28.01.2007 St.Petersburg-Kronshtadt-St.Petersburg - 55km. The day before was with lot of snow. We started at Staraya Derevnya, "warm up" and first break. Against the wind towards Verperlud island. Coffee break on the island. White sun in the desert. Break on the way. Broken ice. Walk over, last barriers on the way to Kotlin island. Visit into Sea Cathedral. Way back with the wind - sun is still on the sky. Only about 15km till the city. Crossing Petrovskij fairway. Hotel Pribaltijskaya - memory photo.

27.01.2007 Back onto the Gulf. Inspection in Lahta - ice slopes near the shore, wind in the sea. Now look from the dam. Finally, small trip from the dam to Zelenogorsk. We went onto the ice near the bridge, passed the rough ice, and go by the road to nowhere - only GPS and compass show us the way. More and more snow on ice as we are going on. Final kilometers - smooth ice is covered with thick dry powder snow - skates are sliding easy, and horizon is lost - white snow, white sky. Finish at desired position.

21.01.2007 Ladoga channel - perfect ice, somewhere thin. Water has gone now. Along South coast of Ladoga ice now is comming too.

20.01.2007 Good ice on Razliv, still no ice under the bridge and on Sestra river.

Good ice on lakes at Kavgolovo.

14.01.2007 At Razliv lake smooth and covered with 1/2cm of snow ice was extreemly thin at some places, and even once cracked down once under the skates, cracks with water we had to pass around. Open water on Sestra river.

13.01.2007 Lembolovskoe ozero, transition between lakes, small river, cracks.

07.01.2007 On most small lakes around St.Petersburg there is excellent ice. One lake near Sosnovo.

06.01.2007 First bath of this season at lake Pielinen, Finland. "I was lucky to get back onto the thin ice. I was skating over 3cm ice, and instantly droped down. It was -1C, and I was skating between iselands. It was 100m from the island. It was not a child fear. First tried to get out just as is - No chance - ice picks saved me! 2,5cm ice - is not a joke."

06.01.2007 Incredible skating ice on Razliv, few open water spaces near the shore, weak ice on Sestra river and Black river.

03.01.2007 No ice at all on Saima lake, Finland.

01.01.2007 New, and already melting (+2C) ice at Pielinen lake, Finland. Short tour at Koli harbour and till nearest islands View at the lake, at the small island.

26.12.2006 Again ice on Razliv - smooth and fine- back on skates.

24.12.2006 After unusualy warm weather this is "second first ice" in Kavgolovo, skate and skate. 18.11.2006 Temp -2 к +1. Night skating over Razliv lake with hardly seen open water. Two times we were one step off a bath. Strong impressions!

12.11.2006 Very good ice at Razliv lake, skating around is about 25km of pleasure.

06.11.2006 Thin ice, and skating season started at Razliv and other shallow lakes.


22.01.2006 Good smooth ice on Finnish gulf between the dam and Obruchev fortress and then to the West.

21.01.2006 Severe frost -25C after warm weather, and unique chance to skate on canals of Saint-Petersburg! This may happen once in several years. Winter Petersburg - sightseeing "from the ice". The beginning of 3-hours tour at the cross of Nevsky prospect and Griboedov canal, then along Moyka river to Winter groove, where this is a view to Peter and Paul fortress, and arrow Vasilievskij island. Under Pevcheskij bridge - open water. New Holland - canals, harbor, gates, and finally Moyka river comes to Neva. Back along Moyka, Kriukov canal, and along Griboedov canal towards Fontanka river, Fontanka comes to Finnish gulf. Along Fontanka river passing by Mihailovskij castle, towards Summer garden, to Neva river, and view to Avrora cruiser through Humpback bridge. Swans canal, fender of Summer garden, Neva river. Open water under the bridge, piece of narrow ice cracked and started to sink, only wet foots at -25C, so we have to take off skates and walk around. view on Mihailovskij castle, Kazanskij cathedral , and short break before the last mile.

11.12.2005 Full circle around Razliv lake - 42km. Early start, and after 15km warm up Black river, thin ice, first break, crossing the crack, on smooth ice, Sestra river, water fall, near open water, along the water, narrow ice, sun, meeting the friends, way to home.

07.12.2005 Ice is thick and polished

04.12.2005 Night frost, and first run at Razliv lake. Smooth thin ice, frozen waves, sunny, black ice, rusty ice. After all one man had a bath being to heavy skater on that thin ice :((

27.11.2005 Cold and snow after long warm weather thin ice under thick snow at Lembolovo lakes.

30.10.2005 After few frosty days our first trial to look at the ice on Lembolovo lake, and there is ice! Skating with cracks running aside from under the skates.


27.03.2005 St-Petersburg - Obruchev - Tolbuhin - Zelenogorsk: on ski looking for missed ice. Start one hour after sun rise (too late for spring time!) towards the dam. After one hour of ski skating over snow waves there is some ice, that rapidly degradate under the sun - hard to notice such a hole right on the way of fishermen, if it is covered with thin morning ice. On the other side of the dam on the way to Obruchev big field of snow hummocks. Way from Obruchev to Tolbuhin 10km - perfect for ski skating. Before Zelenogorsk - snow serface not very smooth. All the 60km way over the gulf there was no ice more or less suitable for skating - snow, and degradated ice - pity.

22.01.2005 Питер-Кронштадт-Питер. Старт в сумерках, лед отличный, но много промоин после Ольгино, поэтому дорога на ощупь до Кронштадта заняла 2 часа. Обратно - по своему следу - 28км за 1,5 часа, вышло солне, лед припорошен 1см снега, который дает рельеф.

18.01.2005 Night skating around Razliv lake - perfect smooth ice. Somewhere twin ice with water between upper and lower ice. Thickness of ice is 15-30cm, but there is open water occasionally - mostly around motor-way bridge. Skating around is about 22km of perfect safety ice that is a pleasure to run with at ones.

15-16.01.2005 Good ice on Razliv lake - after very worm week snow has gone away.

18.12.2004 Perfect ice on Razliv lake, Finnish Gulf - excellent ice between Strelna (South shore) and isles of sea channel.

12.12.2004 Frost after warm weather - clean ice everywhere.

10.12.2004 +3C, thin ice on Finnish gulf, and first full bath this winter!

04.12.2004 Ice on Razliv lake, at Kavgolovo lakes, also at Finnish gulf.

27.11.2004 Gulf of Finland along Northern shore till Lahta- clean ice, Olgino - along the shore, near Fox Nose, way back.

21.11.2004 After snowfall - black ice, snow is blown off with the wind.

20.11.2004 Ice in St.Petersburg comming up - skating on ponds - in the morning, skating by day - on Suzdal lakes, skating in the night - at Kavgolovo lakes. Meantime, ice is very thin, cracks and sings while skating.

19.11.2004 First ice - Friday night.

... back


11.04.2004 Over morning frost from Komarovo towards Zelenogorsk. End of the most non skating winter.

06.04.2004 On the gulf only ice along cracks, even skating is possible. Ice is still under hard snow.

08.02.2004 After few warm days there is a perfect ice along West coast of the dam, fort Obruchev at the horizon, in the dark ice is illuminated from the dam. Stripe about 100m width of perfect ice goes for many kilometers along the dam.

26.01.2004 Gulf covered with snow, hard skating, city view, Petrovskij seaway - snow everywhere.

01.01.2004 Razliv - 17km. On the ice of Sestra - up the river ice is thick, mellow, and dangerous.

01.01.2004 Happy New Year! - first new year skating.

21.12.2003 Frost and snow after rain. On the gulf, short break, back against the wind. From Siva shop center to Olgino and back. Cracks and thin ice somewhere. Passing one of the cracks was nearly finished with the bath - up to the knee - not the true bath. Snow was not slowing the speed. Poor vision, snow, fog, and dark - makes GPS receiver to be on.

20.12.2003 +4С, ice on the gulf near Lahta covered with water and soft, not easy to get on the ice.

13.12.2003 Razliv. Sunny and windy day, and skateing trace on the ice.

12.12.2003 Razliv. Relaxing skating of 24km in 2 hours around the lake. Wet snow storm at the beginning, nearly had a bath, and passed thin ice around over marsh, high sky at the end of the tour. Ice 3-7cm was covered with 2-3cm of wet snow, that brought a velvety flavour to skate gliding.

10.12.2003 Razliv, strong and smooth ice at West part of the lake, On Sestra river ice is thin, but good enough if fast skating.

07.12.2003 10km: ice in Lembolovo 3-7cm - clean ice, ice with snow, and clean ice on the way back.

06.12.2003 Sosnovka city park - small lakes are covered with nice ice, not very thick near the shore and thin at the middle of the lake.

23.11.2003 10km: Lembolovo onto extremely thin ice, which sag under skates, in the rush, 3cm ice, and easy skating.

22.11.2003 After thaw new ice, thin 1.5cm ice, soon suitable for skating again.

01.11.2003 Despite very warm days at Lembolovo lake there is still the ice, extra- thin and soft ice, and +3С in the air, There ice gives cracks under skates - terrifying, and here is ok, and sprint skating is good. Lot of feelings on this black thin ice during excellent sunny day.

26.10.2003 Lembolovo - (only in 1993 we started skating one day before - on October, 25). Starting the winter 2003-2004 - no any fisherman on the ice yet, 4cm of thin ice covered with 2cm of powder snow.

17.10.2003 First ice in Zelenogorsk

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01.05.2003 Ice at Kavgolovo lakes 15cm, at the gulf - 50cm, skating is still possible, but it's dangerous! Very long fall 2002-2003 is over!

01.04.2003 Lahta
over the crack, sun set skating, open water.

29.03.2003 Komarovo - Obruchev
pictures from the fortress: ice towards the open sea, ice towards the dam, after night frosts during the day ice bacome soft and "spring".

22-23.03.2003 Dam - Obruchev fortres - Zelenogorsk
-22.03: bay of the fortres (1), (2), fine ice, back to the dam.
-23.03: snow border lies between Obruchev and Zelenogorsk. going with the wind to infinity, Panorama of the ice, skating pool 15x10km.

16.03.2003 Razliv
before the start, perfect ice, blue sky, spring double ice.

07-09.03.2003 skating in Stockholm

09.03.2003 across fareway, break,

08.03.2003 rest after first 15km.

07.03.2003 - night skating: start into the night, in the darkness, buoy in thу sea, finish.

15.02.2003 Ice at outfall of Neva river
out to the gulf, view to the city, shadow.

01-02.02.2003 Ice on the gulf
Snow that felt during a week was blown out with the wind, and the ice became again. Ice at Lahta.

26.01.2003 Kronshtadt-Lisij Nos
0+2C, cloudy and grey, SW wind, and suddenly perfect ice along the dam, somewhere covered with thin layer of water. Turning sailors mark near Kronshtadt - dam is at the back, fort #4 - behind are fishermen.

25.01.2003 Fontanka and Channels
After severe frosts and snowfall - again over channels of St.-Petersburg.

22.12.2002 Excellent ice at Ladoga, despite snowfal

15.12.2002 Sestroretsk - Zelenogorsk

08.12.2002 Ushkovo - St-Petersburg
t-12С, cloudy, wind W, distance 51km. start from Ushkovo to fort Obruchev, fort Obruchev, on the way to the dam, sunset soon, under the bridge on the dam, sunset, after sunset - 20km before finish,

07.12.2002 Zelenogorsk - fort Totleben - Sestroretsk

07.12.2002 St.-Petersburg - Kronshtadt - St.-Petersburg

01.12.2002 St.-Petersburg - Kronshtadt (again)
-17C, sunny, wind SE. start before sun rise, excellent ice, panorama of the Vasilievskij Island.

30.11.2002 Sestroretsk - Zelenogorsk (on thin ice along the shore)

30.11.2002 St.-Petersburg - Kronshtadt (35km tour)
-15C, sunny, wind E 10m/c. start with sun rise, fog on the open water, bath was only in one inch, smooth, very smooth ice, plenty of ice, and ice-hummocks, hummocks passed, and to the dam, break at the dam, and lunch at old fortres. finish at Kronshtadt, back to the city by bus, no ice at the other side of the dam.

24.11.2002 Lahta - St.-Petersburg
open water far away, ice is covered with thin snow.

17.11.2002 Lahta, Yuntolovo park Tour over Yuntolovo lake under the ice rain, and lot of air under the ice makes skating rather shar.

17.11.2002 Sestra river
Tour over Sestra river under the ice rain.

16.11.2002 Krasavitsa Lake (another tour)
South-West shore, open wter, black ice in the middle of the lake, plenty of good ice, life under the ice, and new friends.

16.11.2002 Razliv Lake
ice investigation on Razliv: perfect ice nearly everywhere, with fine ice roads, Sestra river - dessert of the tour.

09.11.2002 Lembolovo
fine smooth 5-8cm ice covered with 5-7cm of powder snow - very good skating day.

08.11.2002 Komarovo-Ilichevo:
Finally frost came again, and on bikes we started to look for an ice: Schuchie lake, somewhere ice is very thin, Dolgoe lake - extremely thin ice, snowfall on the way back.

26.10.2002 Zerkalnoe, Razliv, Kavgolovo
Zerkalnoe lake - spring ice in October, limited skating along the shore is available on lake Razliv and at Kavgolovo lakes.

20.10.2002 Komarovo
Good Ice is coming, it's thin yet, Krasavitsa Lake - first ice.

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31.03.2002 Sestroretsk - Zelenogorsk
Ice burned on the sun, ice is covered with the 1-2cm scale, ice-hummock at Komarovo.

29.03.2002 Ice report from the sky
no ice on channels in Holland, ice fields in the sea on the way to Russia, ice!!! Obruchev fortres and Krobshtadt, open water on the other side of the dam, (there was skating tour last Sunday - start from the dam and to the right around open water ...), and open water ... on Neva river.

24.03.2002 Around Totleben fort, -3C, wind 10m/s, (20km)
After warm wet week and snow/rain storm on Saturday - sudden miracle perfect ice to the West of the dam, yes, really good ice, ... kilometers of ice!!!, with even icebergs ..., and somewhere blue open water ..., ... and no ice at the East side of the dam, (St.-Petersburg at the horizon).

08.03.2002 Lahta, coarse, rough ice, no chance for skating :(.

03.03.2002 Sodertalje, Sweden, XIII Ice Messenger Congress, 2-nd day. Ralf's story, onto the ice again, introductory meeting, on the run, against the wind, short break, stop for lunch, walk to the other lake, and walk, ... and walk, waiting for the bus. and bus comes, bye Sodertalje, start place - glance from the bridge.

02.03.2002 Sodertalje, Sweden, XIII Ice Messenger Congress, 1-st day. Jan's introduction speech, on the way to the ice, pre-skating meeting, on the run, break, skater from the future, croosing the crack, meeting the sailor, one more break, skating snake against the wind. bus is packed, where we were skating, gala dinner, ... and conference.

01.03.2002 In Stockholm, SSSK. Dinner at the Italian restaurant, "Russian corner" at SSSK cottage, at the Skating Museum.

16.02.2002 Kronshtadt-St.-Petersburg, +3C, wind 15m/s, (25km) Mika faced the ice, Alexey had a bath, no ice at the horizon, icebergs, on the way, short stop, water around, break, way home over extra thin ice, last step.

09.02.2002 Lembolovo lakes, +3C in the city, and water, in Lembolovo region - winter! Smooth ice is slightly covered with snow.

27.01.2002 Yuntolovskij park, Lahta, morning start, way back, break, Mika and Andrey.

26.01.2002 Razliv lake -10C, 15m/c wind, storm, strong wind, silence on the river, sunny storm.

12.12.2001 St.-Petersburg - Chernaya rechka (Black river), Serovo, start from old yaht club beside Siva shop center, thin dry snow makes no problem, waterway near the dam, black ice after the dam, finish at the bridge over Ch.rechka (Black river), way back on the bus.

09.12.2001 St.-Petersburg-Serovo, early start, crossing Peter's waterway, sunrise, old fort, clean ice, skaters and support team.

08.12.2001 Metro Primorskaya-Zelenogorsk, sunrise, along the "river", near the dam, black ice, on the way, Zelenogorsk, after the tour.

07.12.2001 Over the rivers and channels of St.-Petersburg, Fontanka river, Moika river near Mariinsky palace, narrow ice under the bridge.

02.12.2001 Forts in the Gulf - excellent new ice.

02.12.2001 Sestroretsk-Zelenogorsk, then around the forts.

01.12.2001 Trial at the Gulf, near the dam - good ice.

24.11.2001 Razliv lake, beginning of skating season, new generation on the thin ice, three generations.

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08.04.2001 Lembolovo, spring coming, skating is over..

01.04.2001 Razliv lake again, the ice is covered with 5-10cm of water after rains and +5+7, soft ice, tough skating over the lake, only few fisherman also on ice.

25.03.2001 Razliv lake, the ice is covered with snow still.

17.03.2001 Stockholm, City Hall, 100 year of SSSK, Bjorn Zettersten, who in 1993 introduced nature skating in St.-Petersburg, being the leader of SSSK tour to Russia.

16.03.2001 Sweden, tour over spring ice. Distance 25km.

15.03.2001 Tour near Stockholm with Bjorn Zettersten (right), skating over small lake. Distance 27km., time - 3 hours.

18.02.2001 : start at local ferry, break at fort Totleben (south wall of Totleben), break at fort Obruchev, on the way to Kronshtadt, ice and sun. Distance 25km., time of the tour - 3 hours.

17.02.2001 Tour Kronshtadt-St.-Petersburg: start at the dam, passing Tchumnoy fort, along open water, crossing small farwater, break near ice slopes. Distance 32km., time - 2 hours, max.speed - 40.5km/h, wind 15m/s.

11.02.2001 Tour after warm winds from the dam towards the Forts - Obruchev - Totleben. Length 24km., time - 2,5 hours.

04.02.2001 Exploring ice tour near the dam, -22С (good ice, Fort Totleben at horizon, brave skaters).

14.01.2001 Investigation tour over Sestra river - narrow ice way along the shore.

23.12.2000 Short tour over thin ice covered with snow on Razliv lake.

26.10.2000 First frost tour over very thin (2-5cm) ice on Razliv lake - a lot of open water everywhere over the lake..

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26/02/2000 St.-Petersburg - Zelenogorsk, start from Primorskaya metro: need to cross the farwater, icebraker is comming, and the last skater comming on, icebraker getting closer, ... wow, skater had a bath, and getting off the water, now, change the cloth asap ..., the ships are passing by, farwater again, second trial, short break, team photo, skating to Zelenogorsk, and finish!)

12/02/2000 From Kronshtadt till Repino hotel passing the fortres island Obruchev and Totleben. start meeting, team photo, at fort "Obruchev", skating over water, finish.

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12/02/1998 XI World Ice Messenger Congress, Sweden (31.01-01.02.1998): by bus, on to the smooth ice, break, conference (Krister gives a speech), second day, Gota Kanal.

22/11/1997 Vaskelovo - first bath, and changing cloths.

30/11/1997 On Razliv over deep snow, and along cracks.

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January 1995 - Ice Messenger Congress (IMC) in Finland. Break - St.-Petersburg team.

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December 1993 - first tours on Razliv, and Sister river, onto the ice of Fontanka Sweeds are going by trolleybus, and again Sestra river.

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